MHRS Night of Nights July 12, 2016

I have been to this radio point of interest back in 2011 and was given a nice tour by Chief Radio Operator Richard Dilman. I will post photos

richard dilman cro mhrs.jpg

Thousands of volunteer hours by many radio enthusiast have gotten the transmitters back on the air

Do not forget to include donations for qsl cards or to send them a few spare bucks to help MHRS continue its fine radio activity

I am in California next week and will seek to attend the operations in person if at all possible if not I will be portable radio listening with my FT-817—-MRHS-Newsletter-No–55.html?soid=1109843077277&aid=wDO4oMX1o6w

Here is the full scoop:

> Night of Nights 2016 (XVII)!   


It’s that time of year again.  Time to honor all those ops who came before us by preserving their skills, traditions and culture through on the air operations.

n 12 July 1999 some very tough looking grizzled old radio pioneers had tears in their eyes as the last commercial Morse code radiogram was sent. It was the end of an era. And as the last beeps faded away into the static they witnessed the end of the career to which they had devoted their lives.

These men – and some women – had stood watch over the airwaves on shore and at sea. Theirs was mostly the business of maritime commerce. But when their ship was in peril they were called upon to send the most electrifying three letters in radio, S O S, knowing that all their fellow radio operators would press their earphones close to get every scrap of information and bring aid to their stricken ship.




Once, our coasts were dotted with great Morse code radio stations, all communicating with ships at sea. They’re all gone now… all except one, the one they called the Wireless Giant of the Pacific, located at Point Reyes.

On that sad day in 1999 another event took place. The Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) was formed. We made it our life’s work to honor the men and women of wireless by restoring that wireless giant. One year and one minute later the giant’s voice once again spanned the oceas as we picked up the thread and kept the faith with our colleagues of the air.

Every year since, in an event that became known as the Night of Nights, Morse code station KPH has returned to the air, joined by KFS and the station of the MRHS, KSM.


This is a global and local event.  Hundreds of listeners around the world will be waiting with their earphones on, waiting for the signals of the great station to once again arc over the dome of the Earth to their receivers.


Date: Friday 12 July 2016 Pacific Daylight Time

Location: RCA receiving station, 17400 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Point Reyes National Seashore

Click HERE for a map of the location from Google Maps



None of this would have been possible without the trust and vision of the Point Reyes National Seashore.  The only reason these facilities were spared the bulldozer that visited all the others is that they are on park land.  And the only reason they have been restored to operation is that the PRNS staff understood their importance and trusted the MRHS to restore them to life.

NOTICE: All the information below is subject to last minute change as final arrangements are made.  Keep up with the latest details by following us on Twitter @Radiomarine and by subscribing to this Newsletter if you are not already a reader.

MRHS Stations

Eighteen transmitters will be on the air from the MRHS transmitter site in Bolinas!  That doesn’t include transmitters held in ready reserve in case of failure.  Members of the crack MRHS Transmitter Department and the H Set Team will be on hand to assure that all goes well.    
> KPH:

Frequency             Transmitter                   Antenna
500/426                Henry MF-5000D        Marconi T

4247.0                  RCA K Set                  Double Extended Zepp

6477.5                  RCA K Set                  Double Extended Zepp
8642.0                  RCA L Set                  Double Extended Zepp
12808.5                RCA L Set                  H over 2
17016.8                RCA L Set                  H over 2

22477.5                RCA H Set                 H over 2

The restoration of the H set has been chronicled in past issues of the Newsletter.  See Newsletter No. 38 for information about and photos of this magnificent transmitter.

> KFS 
Frequency            Transmitter                     Antenna

12695.5                Press Wireless PW15     H over 2

17026.0                Henry HF-5000D            H over 2


Frequency           Transmitter                     Antenna

500/426               Henry MF-5000D            Marconi T

8438.3                 Henry HF-5000D            Double Extended Zepp

12993.0               Henry HF-5000D            H over 2
16914.0               Henry HF-5000D            H over 2


K6KPH ops will monitor the frequencies below as propagation and the number of available operators permit.

Frequency           Transmitter                    Antenna

3550.0                 Henry HF-5000D           Double Extended Zepp
7050.0                 RCA L Set                     Double Extended Zepp
14050.0               Henry HF-5000D           H over 2
18097.5               Henry HF-5000D           H over 2
21050.0               Henry HF-5000D           H over 2

> Reception Reports

Reception reports and verification requests for the MRHS stations listed above may be sent to:

Maritime Radio Historical Society
PO Box 392
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

> Station Telephone

The receive site may be contacted by phone on 415-669-9646 

USCG Stations


We said this last year but dedicated USCG personnel have once again pulled off the impossible and brought these historic stations back to life on CW.  Nevertheless, this may very well be the last time ever that USCG stations can be heard on the air using A1A (Morse) emission.  As new equipment is installed the hardware and wiring for Morse has been progressively removed.  And the personnel who knowledgeable in the art retire or are reassigned.  So be sure to listen for these stations.

Many USCG personnel at all levels are responsible for bringing these stations back on the air for Night of Nights 2106.  We want to particularly thank ET1 Mike Leska for taking the lead for this year’s project.

 (Transmit Bolinas, Receive Pt. Reyes)

Frequency             Transmitter                          Antenna

472.0 (or 448.0     Nautel ND2500TT/6           173′ monopole tower
6383.0                  Rockwell-Collins RT-2200  Omni-directional
8574.0                  Rockwell-Collins RT-2200  Omni-directional
17220.5                Rockwell-Collins RT-2200  Omni-directional

NOTE regarding NMC/NMQ/NMW MF transmissions.  Only one MF transmitter will be in service at each station.  Morse transmissions will be made on an as-available basis from each station as USCG operators must also accommodate scheduled NAVTEX transmissions.

  (Transmit Cambria, CA, Receive and Control Pt. Reyes)
448.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Inverted L

             Transmitter                   Antenna

472.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Inverted L

500.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Inverted L

  (Transmit Astoria, OR, Receive and Control Pt. Reyes)

448.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Capacitive top hat

Frequency             Transmitter                    Antenna

472.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Capacitive top hat

500.0                    Nautel ND2500TT/6    Capacitive top hat 

Shipcom LLC WLO

All thanks to Rene at WLO for the work he does each year to bring WLO back on the air.  He is a true radiomen.




We will activate W4WLO ON 40 and 20 meter CW for Night of Nights.


> Calling Channels

All commercial and USCG stations listed above will listen for calls from ships on 500kc and on ITU Channel 3 HF:


Listen on these frequencies if you want to copy both sides of ship to shore contacts.



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