Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Hamfest 2016

Every year in the 3rd weekend in June the German ham radio operators make the trek to Friedrichshafen for the big Ham Radio hamfest. It also draws visitors from Europe and beyond.

HAM RADIO is the third largest amateur radio convention in the world, the Dayton Hamvention being #2 and the Japan Ham Fair in Tokyo being #1.  HAM RADIO in 2014 brought 17,100, up from 15,300 in 2013.  In contrast, the Dayton Hamvention topped 25,600 in 2015. Nice thing is that the Germans offer a very clean venue unlike the HARA location in Dayton.

This year Mike VE3MKX enjoyed a visit during his trip to Europe. He was amazed at not just the crowds but the diversity in all the radio gear that sometimes we do not see here in Canada. Also many clubs have beer and shots on tap to celebrate.

Mike has been kind of to provide photos and will look for his flea market photos going forward. Who knows you may spot yourself.





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