New Kenwood D-Star and APRS Announced at Dayton 2016

Kenwood announced a new D-Star handheld that also offers APRS at Dayton yesterday

No model number or pricing available but I will be pestering my Japanese snitches over the next few days to uncover more 411

Its the similar D72A form factor and hopefully the battery and accessories will be the same but I doubt that

The Japanese ham radio market has been a bit sluggish as the Japanese economy is struggling with Abenomics but with a new radio on the horizon the salarymen have something to spend their bonus on at Rocket radio in the Akhibara


Why D-Star? Well its growing due to all the DV4mini and DVAP boards allowing access to the D-Star network using the internet and its very well established repeater base especially in Japan. Plus adding APRS is a killer feature as many Japanese cliff dwellers like to leave their tiny apartments to go operate in the field  and use APRS and qrp radios like the FT-817

new kenwood dstar





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