Tracking the LincolnShire Poacher

The Lincolnshire Poacher was the “king” of the numbers station with its silly tuning signal helping the spys find them on their BP-3 spy radios

3 9 7 1 5 3 9 7 1 5 yankee hotel yankee hotel

The spanish one V07  can still be heard still transmitting away on this schedule

16037/14637/12137 kHz, 24-01, 0100/0110/0120 UTC

The 5 number groups need a one time crypto pad to decode and have never been cracked even by the DEFCON boys

so who are these number stations? 3 and 4 letter agencys?

“The Lincolnshire Poacher” was a powerful shortwave numbers station that transmitted from Cyprus from the mid-1970s to June 2008. The station gained its commonly known name as it uses bars from the English folk song “The Lincolnshire Poacher” as an interval signal. The radio station was believed to be operated by the British Secret Intelligence Service and emanated from the island of Cyprus. Amateur direction finding linked it with the Royal Air Force base at Akrotiri, Cyprus, where several curtain antennas had been identified as being its transmitter. It consisted of an electronically synthesised English-accented female voice reading groups of five numbers: e.g. ‘0-2-5-8-8’. The final number in each group was spoken at a higher pitch. It is likely that the station was used to communicate to undercover agents (spies) operating in other countries, to be decoded using a one-time pad.


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