St Louis Vest Pocket Vertical

Dave NF0R has a wonderful build out for a small vertical that fits in your vest pocket on your trench coat. However, the fiberglass tubing is expensive at about $10 us for three feet lengths.

However, the concept is there  stay tuned for a build out


I have tried this out using various antenna bits from Buddipole and Pac-12 so it does work but the idea is to get the weight down so its ideal for a carry on bag as well as the rod lengths. I need 18″ rod lengths and this antenna does the trick.

The Buddipole and PAC-12 use a 4 foot base and 4-6 foot top but this one is 6 feet and 10 which does need to be guyed. Dave uses fishing line for this but paracord is good too.

I did prototype a buddistick which is the 4 and 4 using PVC and that works ok, ugly but OK.


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