OMG Another Canuck Builds a Radio Go Box aka Go Kit

Its obvious I like to have fun and enjoy portable operations


So I have been working on some go box or go kits or grab and go boxes so here are some prototypes and comments


Pelican 1440

I use this for my studio strobes with the padded insert and thought I could use it for ham radio

pelican go

Pelican makes a frame kit that allows a board to be held in place but I chose pretty thick kitchen cutting boards. The handles are ideal for allowing cables to come out. I added cut outs for the 2 speakers, a fan, a voltage display and a anderson pole junction.

Project abandoned as I cannot close the lid on the FT-857D control head.

Plan was to fit the radios underneath and mount the two radio control heads on the the left side.

Next step was to try a small 4U wall mount data cabinet. I thought I could prototype some MDF as a box.


Note the small shelf allowing access to the buttons on top of the Ft857D


Yeah I own Midland and Kenwood as well. I am not that much of a Yaesu Fan Boy

Project abandoned because I found a better idea.

I am going to put my FT-8900 4 bander 4 banger in the Tactical Carrier as  a grab and go box. I have used it with my Icom 7000 as well as FT-817

So Go Box Nirvana is the Gator 6U…….I need to get some shelves for it as I test fitted some off my data rack so stay tuned for a finished project


With this set up I can be on Channel 6 or Channel 9 only. Note my first vhf handheld the Icom IC-215


The Courier CB started yelling…”I am not staying beside a FT-817″


OK now we are talking about a test fit. Too bad the DMR radio is 1/4″ too tall. I may have to add a Motorola 4550 in there somehow.

There is room in the back to fit a power supply, a Rig Runner and a bag of cables and maybe  some other stuff.

I will probably add some nice LED light strips

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions?

I may do a separate box for the power supply, batteries and solar panels probably depending on the weight of this go box

This is a Polish Go Box…the BP-3 Spy radio



Ham Radio is the often the only available communication after a disaster.



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