NVIS and HF ALE Fun Times – New band assignment approved Hello 60m

Geneva. 18 November 2015 – The main plenary session of WRC-15 approved the new amateur service allocation at 5 MHz. The new 60 meter band is 15 kHz wide, from 5351.5 kHz to 5366.5 kHz. It is the first new HF ham radio allocation since WARC-1979 gave hams the 30 meter, 17 meter, and 12 meter bands.
Hams already have and use in USA and Canada  the following channels Max 100w ERP
Power limits:  ITU Region 1 and 2 =15 Watts EIRP,  (Canada and USA)
ITU Region 3 =15 Watts EIRP
Mexico = 20 Watts EIRP,
Central America, South America, Caribbean = 25 Watts EIRP.
The new WRC15 ITU Radio Regulations don’t go into effect until after 1 January 2017

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