Lake Simcoe Repeater Association adds a 6M repeater

LSRA is pleased to announce (after some delays we had no control over),

that the 6M repeater on 53.070 is now operational.  Transmit on 52.070 and no PL is required.  Thanks to VA3LM, VA3SD,VA3VD, and VE3ODR to name a few for being at the site a few times to get things sorted.

The 6M is cross linked to VHF 146.850 in the short term.  We have not yet decided on long term connectivity options, but we welcome your input.

Please experiment and we look forward to hearing your reports and comments.

Keith / VA3YC

lsra rack

Check out the York Region Amateur Radio Club 6 metre repeater is operational as of June 17, 2015 on 53.49 MHz negative offset with no CTCSS tone required. It is linked to the other repeaters for extended york region coverage and even outside of the GTA





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