XYL means Ex Young Lady – 88’s

I have confirmed that all radio models are above 18 years and are happily  married yes Fifi included

ham chicks 1

Honey can you move it left a few inches

stogies skirts sw

Thanks for the Gin and Tonic Honey


I wonder why every time i go cinqo nueve the pile ups go crazy

ham chicks 2

This net control accepting check ins from the 6th call district at this time

last man standing

OK FB I am running an Icom into a SteppIR at 65 feet and you are 5 by 9 plus 20 hear in Hollywood California


Kerchunk Kerchunk…


Check out the Yaesu  YL/XYL  net on D-Star reflector 30C

ham chicks 3

Yes I QSL via the bureau and no i dont QSL direct and no I dont have a telephone number and no I dont need help with antennas…now boys stop looking me up on qrz.com please


Radio here is homebrew


Radio here is homebrew as well G2YL


Here is fifi working 27.385 LSB


I love listening to shortwave while my husband wishes the dishes for me



xe0yl fifi lopez

Thanks for the QSL card Fifi…catch ya further down the log 88s


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