Paragliding and Ham Radio and the Pacificon Para Jumpers

Saturday at HAMEX, Florian VE3PGI came by to say Hello and we had a nice chat.

Yesterday we chatted on the TWR machine and I learned that he is an avid and very accomplished Paraglider. Check out this video. He does most of his flying in the Finger lakes region in New York state. He explained how one day he paraglided for 5 hours at 9000 feet , bopping in and out of clouds and ended up 100km away in Pennsylvania.

This man has courage. I cannot wait to work Florian Aero mobile next time he goes to Rochester. With a APRS set up, Florian can broadcast his location very easily.


While at Pacificon 2014, the para jumpers did a few jumps at the hamfest to the crowds delight. I did not hear them from San Francisco on simplex but I was able to track them on I was told they would try their best to not land on top of the W1AW/6 station set up in the parking lot

here is a cut and paste from last years Pacificon site

Parachute Mobile

Parachute Mobile will conduct a jump mission on Saturday, October 11th in concert with Pacificon 2014.

Parachute Mobile is a unique way of combining two great hobbies; skydiving and amateur radio.  Our skydivers will jump from 13,000 feet and once they have deployed their parachutes they will make contacts (QSOs) with as many hams as possible.  The Drop Zone will be at Byron Airport where we have had great success in the past.

The Pacificon 2014 Jump Team will arrive at the Byron, CA Drop Zone about 10:00amand the first jump is expected to be made be between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. They will make multiple jumps, weather permitting until 6:00pm.

QSTs regarding take off times and expected drop times will be announced on 146.430 simplex, 145.230 – 100 and 147.060 + 100. (“So folks know when the jumpers will be loading on the plane, when they leave the plane, and when they land.”)

APRS data will load live on under the calls AF6IM and KF6WRW depending on which jumper is aloft

The jumpers are planning to send live video by both ATV and the Internet
QSO’s will be on 146.430 simplex FM.

The Get ON The Air (GOTA) station will be on the patio outside the conference Main Hallway near the Parachute Mobile table. Hams and their friends and family are welcome to visit the operation at the Drop Zone. Find directions at

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