PackTenna Marconi NVIS End fed

As per some conversation at the last ham radio echelon round table my Marconi Variant came up.

After, the Napkin sketch and another round of Grappa for my friends the concept became that much clearer

The Marconi antenna is just a 1/4 wave antenna. My variant is that its an end fed antenna with a vertical radiator component to get it up to about 10′-15′ and then have the horizontal element.

It does mimic the traditional Marconi antenna but I wanted something that did not need radials and could be a 80m and 40m player, hence the end fed

The 29′ radiator length seems to work well on 40m and if you extend the antenna as a sloper then it seems a better performer on 20m and up where you do want a lower radiation angle. Best is a vertical with the antenna wrapped loosely around a 32′ fiberglass telescoping mast

I need to try it with a longer element and maybe the 84-85′ or 53′ length would make a difference on 80m.

Back to the field for more antenna work.


packtenna marconi NVIS endfed

The 40m to 10m version





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