Drake TV-3300-LP – A Peek a Boo Inside

I think every ham in the 70 and 80s owned this wonderful TVI filter (if not it was the Kenwood model)

Recently, I was challenged in trying to get a signal out on 50 Mhz on all 4 of my HF radios. I could get a signal out working portable but not at home. WTF was wrong?

When I dug behind the radio shack to refit some grounding I saw the culprit. The TVI filter. It did a fantastic job of reducing my 50MHz signal to my antenna. I took it out and now 6 meters is alive again in my shack.

Too bad if you have gone Free to Air (FTA) or what I call TV in 1978 because your Plasma TV is causing me grief


sale - LPF 30MHz

Looks like a nice 70-80 db drop above 41 Mhz. The filter is doing its job nicely.


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