The KISS Jammer…finally exposed

I got email from claiming that I forgot a special jammer. The KISS Jammer. Well it took some work on Bing and Google and Yahoo to find a faint reference in 73 magazine to a FCC filing. This was in the Detroit area and this jammer liked to jam playing excerpts from KISS songs. He beat the FCC inspectors when he took his Hyundai Pony and followed KISS on tour jamming from every city he saw them play on CB and 2M FM. After KISS did 4 encores in Witchita, KS this jammer over did his key ups as a few CB guys across the concert venue getting fuel at the Truck Stop caught him in the act. Needless to say, when a couple of irate cowboy truckers catch a Paul Stanley look alike in a Hyundai jamming to the song Beth on channel 19 you know its not going to end well for this jammer. It did not end well and with smashed radios, broken antennas and somehow had that stupid grin knocked off his face and his makeup punched off. This is a lesson to be learned for any Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson jammers because in Ohio and Alabama the local hams may not understand the outfit.

“John, I know you were a active member at Metro Amateur Radio Club and hung out on TOR and RPT those days with your little Icom 215. That was a great radio and I could never afford one but there was that guy who jammed using the “VHF Engineering Transmit STrip (sic)”. He wasnt a ham because his dylexia prevented him from learning morse code even after he joined the church of scientology and that didnt help either so he just stayed on CB”

Image result for kiss jammer

In fact Marks email was very curious as he made reference to a well know Jammer Hero from the year 1979 that caused havoc on VE3RPT. This is pre internet era and cannot be found on Search Engines and thus Mark has to be in a Freedom 55 age group (except he gets Pogey) and had too intimate of knowledge as to what jam action went on. Mark made a comment of the “VHF Engineering extender jammer”. So this jammer hero took a channel 14 CB walky talky and connected it to a single channel VHF Engineering transmitter strip of 1 watt and hid it in the field behind his welfare apartment (his mom was on welfare and dad left when he was born) and would key it up on ch 14 with another walky talky thinking they cant DF his apartment.. Too funny but one day the club had a fox hunt and the fox was hidden in the same field as the jam box. The batteries needed to be changed as they were low so the jammer output was weak but the guys found the garbage bag wrapped package hidden in the crook in the tree. To the jammers horror he observed this from his dirty bedroom window and started crying like a little baby. Oh well the club then took advantage of their find and used that transmit strip for the next repeater build thanks to the jammer hero donation. The jammer should not have used channel 14 as this was a common channel in the radio shack radios so RPT was blasting “Hide and Seek” and cops and robbers kiddie conversations. So mark sounds like this was you and it was and is brilliant in its approach and the TFMCS club thanks you too many years later for the transmitter donation and I believe this transmitter is still part of the Black Fly repeater.



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