Heathkit HW-2036 beats the Les Smith Crystal man

The old days everything was crystal controlled and they all came from Les Smith out in Oakville

At $10 to $20 a pair it was expensive to add repeaters but every city had the standard 34/94 split and of course 52 was very busy

RPT and PBO were on the same 34/94 pair so it was perfect for to use in the city and up at the cottage in peterboro. I used a simple back of the rig 1/4 wave to mimic the Motorola lunchbox

I remember taking the bus out to Heathkit at Dundas and Dixie and seeing and trying out this radio.

I wanted one and I wanted a HW-7 too so these were the first kits i ever built. The 2m fm rig was very solid performance wise and the qrp rig was kind of crappy but I loved every minute building it. I checked my wiring 3 times before doing a smoke test.

By using this innovative crystal heterodyne mixer technology with VCO PLL, I saved a ton of money on crystals

We ran this radio down to Rochester Hamfest and worked all the repeaters on the way down and back with a Larsen 2M mag mount. I was just the happiest ham in the world that I was not rockbound. I had 4 jobs part time to earn some $$$

I could not afford the companion power supply but hey a car battery worked wonders those days in the base station

$400 is about $1600 today

scan hw 19770001


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