Ham Radio at the CNE 1977 Style

As a child I was always thrilled by the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) it was not so much the rides and the cheese dogs and funnel cakes but by the stuff one could see or even buy.

Entering via the Dufferin gates brings you right up to the Arts and Crafts Building with its many exhibits and vendors.

I was always excited by the ham radio exhibit manned by hams sending morse code and chatting up the attendees

Finally after getting licensed, I volunteered to work the club station and making tons of contacts on 75m phone and 20m SSB . Thanks to Joe Speziali VE3IPX for the insights into how to best work the pile ups and tune the radios. I recall the pileups as the heathkits tried to cope with the heavy qrm and really ended up loving the Drake transceivers with their sharp crystal filters

Good to IPX and IPK get photos published…oops they missed IPS!

sadly those days are long gone as it ended in 1998


scan CNE 19770001


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