IP30z Antenna Analyzer Review

If you are operating out in the field or just need a swr meter for the home base station then the iPortable IP30Z swr analyzer may be just the thing you need.

I use it all the time with my various field qrp antennas most notably the Buddipole and Buddistick

I bought it direct from iPortable years ago and has been a trusted tool for me and is small and compact enough to fit in an Otterbox. Note the knob protrudes so i drilled out a hole on the box and glued a bottle cap to cover it.

This thing just works reliably and has out performed the chinese junk I tried out with graphing displays in the past. The 9V battery lasts a long time and no need to charge up any internal batteries or the such.

Turn it on and it comes to 20m by default and then just press the band button to switch bands and then adjust your step size and tune across to check your swr.

The newer analyzers have a sweeping display but then i dont need to want to have to worry about the batteries being charged up before using it.

ip30 swr analyzer

http://www.iportableus.com/_mgxroot/page_10743.html $229 US


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  2. Michael Guerin · March 30, 2017

    What size/model otterbox did you select? Looks great.


    • ve3ips · April 11, 2017

      Its a pelican box and its padded inside about 3 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches but i had to modify it to allow the knob to stick through the box and glue on a bottle cap. You could use a bigger box


  3. Karl Hubbard · August 12, 2020

    Just got through literally smashing my iP30Z to get me out of my misery for how long this has been frustrating me. I had sent it back once already because it wouldn’t power on through the 12 V battery.
    Just bought a RigExpert AA-600 HF/VHF Antenna Analyzer (0.1-600MHz) today 8-12-2020 on Amazon for twice the price (the Ip30Z is way overpriced) and three times the size and weight to upgrade and replace. But as they say “buy once and cry once” from here on out. But believe me, it will be worth the extra weight and features. Remember, your antenna is the make it or break it for QSO’s once you are trying to go portable.


    • ve3ips · August 13, 2020

      I have been happy with mine and when I got it like years and years ago the cost was expensive but friendlier than the heavy MFJ-269. For a small field ops meter this is ideal for me and has served me well. Today we have a lot of options. I have several including the RigExpert and a Bird 43 to play with among other things. Mine has the internal 9v battery. The NanoVNA is not useful for SWR checks IMHO


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