Wayne Green, W2NSD (“Never Say Die”) Best Column Ever Are the Fun Machines Going Sour

I loved how wayne referred to FM as the Fun Machines but this column back to 1975 is classic.

https://archive.org/details/73-magazine-1975-10   for a PDF version

73_Oct1975_pg126 73_Oct1975_pg03 73_Oct1975_pg02



  1. VE3KU · May 19, 2015

    Great column, I remember this issue (all of them, I had back issues). He sure had it right about ‘boredom’ on repeaters. The photo of Ed Juge got me. Back then, Paul, then VE3DAX, bought something from Juge, and phoned Ed to talk to him. He called him “Ed Jug”, like a milk jug, and he was sternly corrected that it was “Ed Joooge”. For years he’d regularly trot out the story about Ed Joooooooooooge being sensitive about his name. Not particularly funny, but seeing the guy’s photo with that fabulous ’70s hair reminded me.


    • ve3ips · June 26, 2015

      Thats too funny….the ARRL was relieved when wayne went away


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