Whatever happened to the Yaesu FT-818?

Thanks to PA1CA

A few years ago there was a rumor going around at the JARL Convention that a new version of the Yaesu ft-817 would come on the market “pretty soon”. This new model would be called the Yaesu FT-818.

The FT-817nd has been the favorite of many radio amateurs for as long as it exists, which is now about 10 years. For years the HAM radio community is hoping for a new version to update and refresh the FT-817nd.

So when rumors appeared that a new version would come on the market, every radio amateur jumped on it.

The specifications of the FT-818 were quite impressive;

  • All mode, all bands 1.8-1296MHz with 5MHz and 70MHz
  • 5W RF (2W 1296MHz)
  • 3.5AHr Li-Ion battery pack (2hr charging)
  • Built in random wire and whip auto-ATU
  • Full color OLED display
  • Multi-function DSP noise reduction
  • RF Speech processor
  • QSK in CW

Yaesu FT-818

Hopefully there will be a new model coming up of the FT-817nd or another type of QRP rig from Yaesu but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I guess radio enthousiasts that want a bit more updated technology will have to look elsewhere. Maybe the Elecraft KX3?


One comment

  1. Razvan M0HZH · February 8

    After so many years, it finally happened ! Looks like the Yaesu FT-818 will be released this year: http://qrpblog.com/2018/02/yaesu-ft-818-details-leaked-ft-817nd-replacement/


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